Logbook frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Getting the App

You must be a Tasmanian novice learner driver with an active licence to create an account on the app. This includes L1, L2 and learner licence holders.

Non-novice learners are not required to log hours and are unable to access the logbook app.

Supervisory drivers and driving instructors sign off on each trip using the learner’s phone.

No. The app only needs to be downloaded by the learner. Supervisory drivers and instructors sign off on the app from the learner’s account.

The app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

You will need 40MB of space on your device to download and install the app.

The Plates Plus app is supported on all iPhones that Apple formally supports for the current and previous versions of iOS. Currently, this is iOS 13 and 14.

For Android, the app supports all mobile phones that are formally supported by Google for security updates. Currently, this covers Android Oreo, Pie, 10 and 11.

Signing in and logging in

Please make sure you have entered your correct Tasmanian learner licence number and date of birth. Other licence numbers are not accepted.

If you believe these details are correct and still can’t sign up, please contact graduated.licensing.system@stategrowth.tas.gov.au.

Please make sure you have entered the correct email address and password. You can always reset your password by sending a reset link to the email address linked with your account. You must also be connected to the internet when logging in to the app.

You can send a reset password email to the email address linked with your account.

No, you can log into your account on a different phone and add to your previous trips.

Logging drives

Logbook trips are limited to a maximum of four hours. If you go over four hours an error message will direct you to edit your trip so it is four hours or less. If you have driven for a longer time you will need to submit this as an extra trip.

We recommend you have at least a 15 minute break for every two hours of driving. Breaks can’t count as driving time and you should stop your trip on the app, and start a new trip when you commence driving again.

If you get tired, ask your supervisory driver to take over the driving.

You can be a supervisory driver if you meet all of the following requirements:

  • have a full Australian car licence (other than a restricted licence)
  • have held this licence continuously for the previous 12 months
  • provide driving instruction to the learner when they are driving.

Yes, you can log drives without internet connection. However, any drives eligible for credit hours will only be updated on the dashboard once you have connected to the internet. The app will prompt you to connect after two days without internet connection.

You will lose any offline trips you have recorded if you log out or delete the app before your device connects to the internet.

You should start logging with “drive now” just before you start the car and begin driving. Driving also includes being stationary at intersections or in a line of traffic. It’s illegal for you to interact with your phone while driving.

Driving doesn’t include being in the driver’s seat of a parked vehicle unless you are practising parking. So you should stop the drive once you have parked the car.

Remember, you can always edit the trip start time if you don’t start or stop your drive “drive now” at the correct time.

Yes, credit hours from both the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) course and two for one instructor lessons are both automatically calculated towards your totals on the dashboard so long as you are connected to the internet.

Remember, instructor lessons count as normal once you have had your ten two-for-one lessons.

RYDA credit hours are only available to learner and L1 licence holders. The course must also have been taken from 2020 onwards to be counted.

Yes, you can add multiple supervisors and instructors. You can add more from the settings screen or after logging a trip.

A supervised lesson is any lesson taken by an eligible supervisory driver. This may be a member of your household a friend or relative.

Driving instructor lessons are taken by certified instructors who are paid to supervise and give instruction to improve driving skills. You can get two-for-one credit hours on up to ten driving instructor lessons.

Night hours count from sunset to sunrise the following day.

Yes, you can edit your start and end times in any of the post-trip screens before your trip is signed off on. Just tap on the box in the top left showing the start and end times.

If you need to edit a trip after it has been submitted signed or not you will need to delete the trip and re-add it as a manual trip. Remember to always select “end drive” when you are finished.

Completing the logbook and next steps

You will need to take a phone with the Plates Plus logbook app downloaded and with your account signed in.

To prove your hours are complete the Driving Assessment Officer will need to sight your dashboard and might also request to see your trip history.

Yes. You may keep recording hours if you choose to beyond your minimum required hours.

To sign the declaration your device must be connected to the internet.

Please also make sure that all outstanding unsigned trips are signed off. If you have an L1 or learner licence must also have logged 15 hours at night.

You do not need to keep the paper logbook if you have uploaded previously logged hours to the logbook app, including taking photos of your logbook entries.

Driver Assessment officers will only sight either the app or the logbook, not both. If you end up using the paper logbook after starting on the app you will need to manually add your logbook hours.

Your P1 Practical Driving Assessment will be failed, and you will need to book another P1 PDA and repay the fee.

You should make sure your phone is charged and check that your phone and the app is working on the day.

You will need to keep the app if you fail the P1 assessment. You will need to show the Driver Assessment Officer the app the next time you attempt the assessment.

If you pass the assessment you can delete the app.

Paper logbook

Yes, if you would prefer to use the paper logbook this is available for purchase at Service Tasmania shops.

Yes, you can add hours you have already logged in your paper logbook to the Plates Plus logbook app. This feature is found in the settings menu. To add hours you will need to enter in hours you have recorded, including night time and credit hours, upload photos of your logbook pages and sign a declaration. You must be connected to the internet to use this feature.

You must capture all pages where you have logged hours and also include the “Tracking your driving” page. The “Two for one instructor lessons” and “Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA)” must also be included if you are claiming these credit hours.

Please ensure there is good lighting and you take photos in landscape orientation to make them clear.

Yes, however, you will have to manually enter all entries you have recorded in your trips into the paper logbook. Driving Assessment Officers will not look at both logbooks to confirm your hours are complete at a P1 assessment.

Support and privacy

Your data is securely stored to Australian Government digital standards.

If your app is crashing, please send an email to graduated.licensing.system@stategrowth.tas.gov.au which includes details such as where you were in the app when it crashed, steps to reproduce the crash, and your device type.

The Plates Plus logbook terms and conditions are available in the settings menu of the app.


Yes. Interacting with a phone is illegal in any situation while driving for learners and P1 licence holders. However, the app does not need to be open, looked at, or interacted with while driving.

It is recommended that supervisors do not interact with the phone or app while their learner drives so they can focus on supervising and providing instruction.

It is also recommended you do not use other functions on the phone with high memory usage when logging a trip through “drive now” as this may cause the logbook app to restart when opening and lose your drive progress.

Your Assessor will fail your assessment. If you have already passed your assessment, your licence may be cancelled. You may also be fined.

You can use the app if you are visiting another state or territory to log hours on your Tasmanian learner licence. The Plates Plus logbook app has been developed specifically for Tasmanian learners so you will not be able to use it if you do not have a Tasmanian learner licence.

Yes. The Plates Plus logbook is the only officially recognised logbook app in Tasmania.

10 lessons count towards the two for one instructor credit hours for a maximum of 20 hours. After this, instructor lessons are counted as normal.