Hazard Perception Test

The Hazard Perception Test is an online test undertaken before booking a practical driving assessment.

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Hazard Perception Test Hazard Perception Test FAQs

Anyone who is required to undertake a practical driving assessment before being issued with a Tasmanian driver licence will be required to pass the HPT before booking their practical driving assessment.

L2 licence holders are excluded from this requirement under the Graduated Licensing System transitional arrangements.

Anyone with an active driving assessment booking made before 7 March 2022 is also exempt.

The following licence holders will need to pass the HPT before they can book a driving assessment unless otherwise exempt:

  • L1 licence holders
  • novice learners
  • non-novice learners
  • interstate learners transferring to a Tasmanian licence who do not have proof of passing an HPT in the state of their previous licence in the last 12 months
  • overseas licence holders from non-recognised countries converting to a Tasmanian licence
  • overseas licence holders under the age of 25 from experienced driver countries converting to a Tasmanian licence.

For more information on non-recognised and experienced driver countries see converting an overseas licence.

The following licence holders do not have to complete the HPT:

  • L1, novice, non-novice learners and interstate and overseas licence transfers  with a practical driving assessment booking made before 7 March 2022.
  • L2 licence holders
  • people transferring to a Tasmanian licence who can provide evidence that they have completed the HPT in another Australian jurisdiction within the last 12 months
  • people sitting the following practical driving assessments:
    • licence condition removal e.g., removing automatic only
    • occupational therapy driving assessments.

Anyone who already holds a provisional or full licence is not required to complete the HPT.

There is currently no HPT requirement in either the motorcycle or heavy vehicle GLS.