Getting your learner licence

To get your learner licence you will need to either complete:

You can sit the course and/or test once you are 15 years and 11 months.

Plates Plus course and test

The Plates Plus course takes around four hours all up to complete. Your progress is saved allowing you to go through the course at your own pace.

Once the course is completed you will unlock the driver knowledge test which can also be completed on your personal device.

Information on accessing the test is available on Plates Plus course FAQs.

Standalone driver knowledge test

The standalone driver knowledge test is available at all Service Tasmania shops.

Do I have to complete the course first?

You are not required to complete the course to sit the standalone test.

Is there a practice test?

No practice test is available for the new driver knowledge test. You can prepare for the test by reading the Tasmanian Road Rules Handbook and watching learn to drive videos.

What do I need to take to sit the standalone test?

You will need to take your evidence of identity.

You will receive a test ID that can only be used in the Service Tasmania shop.

Can I change my mind if I fail the standalone test?

You can still access the Plates Plus course and complete the driver knowledge test online if you have failed the standalone test.

To access this you will use the client ID given to you at the same time as your test ID.

Passing or failing

What happens if I pass?

Service Tasmania staff will confirm you are eligible to have your licence issued.

If you are eligible to have your learner licence issued:

  • you will need to provide evidence of identity
  • your licence photo and signature will be captured
  • you will need to complete a form notifying the Registrar of Motor Vehicles of any medical conditions that may affect your driving
  • you will take an eye test
  • you need to pay the learner licence fee.

If you are not yet eligible

You will need to return to a Service Tasmania shop once you are eligible with your evidence of identity.

What happens if I fail?

You can either resit the test in a Service Tasmania shop the next business day or complete the course and test online after 12 hours using the client ID.

You will need to take your evidence of identity with you to a Service Tasmania shop if resitting the standalone test or after passing the test online.

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